We draw strength from tradition...

Promotion clip "Z tradycji czerpiemy siłę..."

This mysterious clip was commissioned and in cooperation with the Pszczyna Region Development and Promotion Agency sp.z o.o. with Iris Media sp.z o.o. dealing with professional film production. It is a material promoting the wide activity of the Agency which runs both the Open-Air Museum, European Bison Show Farm in the Historic Park of Pszczyna, Koszary Ułańskie Market, the Tourist Information Office, the Continuing Education Center and  newspaper Głos Pszczyński. The material was prepared in a slightly unconventional, fictionalized style, thus showing an extraordinary and interesting way of carrying out tasks by ARiPZP, which is extremely important in this industry.
The premiere of the film took place on September 21, 2018, during the presentation of the "Golden Laurels" - the awards of the Chairwoman of the Pszczyna County Council (Barbara Bandoła) and the Pszczyna Staroste (Paweł Sadow) for entrepreneurs of the Pszczyna County. The company was awarded the Golden Laurel in the service category. The award was received by the president of the management board, Jacek Patyk, and the vice-president of the management board, Jacek Gałuszka.
“It is an honor and honor for us to stand in this place today and be included in the group of the best entrepreneurs of the Pszczyna County. In addition, we are glad that we receive this award during the 10th jubilee edition of the competition and in the year of the 20th anniversary of the company's existence. The agency today is, of course, not only the Show Zagroda Żubrów, the Open-Air Museum, or the Ułańskie Barracks, but above all the wonderful people who create it. I would like to thank all employees of the company for their commitment and building a good and positive image of the company. We draw strength from tradition… what I wish for you and myself, ”said Jacek Patyk - President of the Management Board of Agencja Rozwoju i Promocji Ziemia Pszczyńskiej Sp. z o.o.