Open-Air Museum of Pszczyna Farmhouses

The work and commitment of the Pszczyna Land Friends Society led to the opening, in the mid-1970s, of an open-air museum of Pszczyna farmhouses, located in the eastern part of the Historic Park of  More than a dozen wooden architectural structures have been gathered and located over an area of nearly two hectares. The buildings are the only remaining testimony to the old, traditional rural architecture of Pszczyna.

The oldest structures include a 1784 court granary from the town of Czechowice. Other unique attractions include an eight-sided barn in the village of Kryry (the 18th century), an 1831 peasant cottage in the village of Grzawa, a smithy in Goczałkowice (the 19th century) and a watermill
in the village of Bojszowy, which is used for displays and exhibitions today. This open-air museum is a place of high cultural, historic and ethnographic value. It is one of the unique tourist attractions in the Silesia Province.

The historical significance of the place is emphasised by its registration as a listed historic site in the Silesia Province and the fact that it is part of the Wooden Architecture Trail, which includes the most valuable and important examples of sacral and secular wooden architecture in the Upper Silesia region. The unique value of the museum lies in its historic cottages, most of which are made from the original materials used in the past. Visitors to the cottages will find many original appliances, including farming equipment and craftsman tools for daily use, hay rack wagons, a goods sleigh, elegant britzkas, furniture and interesting folk art objects.