Infrastructure European Bison Show Farm in the Historic Park of Pszczyna

The European Bison Show Farm in the Historic Park of Pszczyna has not only the essential facilities for bison breeding, such as feeding racks and fodder stores (two-in-one structures), sheds and garages, but also buildings for tourists, including the main building that serves as an educational and exhibition venue. In addition to displays of the flora and fauna of Poland, the building houses a regional Forester's Chamber, a place designed to bring the sociocultural and natural heritage of the historical land of Pszczyna closer to people. The building is also used for activities as an addition to outdoor learning. One of the rooms on the premises is the venue for temporary  thematic exhibitions. A major attraction within the grounds of the centre is a viewing platform for watching the animals living on the farm. The premises have been designed to cater for the disabled. A system of pens, or enclosures, with footpaths running nearby, allows visitors to the farm to watch also other animals living on the farm, such as fallow deer, red deer, roe deer and pheasants. With a bit of luck, you may also see the red fox. The peacocks strolling within the grounds among visitors to the farm, as well as the domestic rabbits, goats, sheep, accompanied by a donkey mare, will make your visit to the farm ever more enjoyable.

An additional advantage of this place is the Langsam Café located at the European Bison Show Farm in the Historic Park of Pszczyna.
Photo: M. Makowski