The action of hanging nesting boxes

Recently, in the area of ​​the European Bison Show Farm in the Historic Park of Pszczyna, a great social action of a natural and ecological nature took place. Representatives of the company from the pharmaceutical industry~VIATRIS~celebrated the second anniversary of its activity by hanging nesting boxes for birds.
The period of late autumn and winter is the time when birds wintering in our parks, forests or gardens, such as bullfinches, buntings, titmouse, treecreepers and many others, can take advantage of this type of facilities. For birds (but also squirrels, dormice and other small mammals), they are an ideal shelter during frosty, windy weather. At the beginning of spring and the breeding season, they are used as a place to build nests, which we have been observing for over two years, in the case of boxes and shelters hung in autumn 2020.
Photo: P. Cyparski, M. Makowski
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