The XXVI Silesian Competition of Hunting Horn "For the Horn of the Prince of Pszczyna" approaching

     The 26th Silesian Competition of Hunting Signallers "For the Horn of the Prince of Pszczyna" is the most important holiday in the region, for all signalers, lovers and supporters of hunting music, which is an important element of hunting. Hunting signals are an essential part of organized hunts and all hunting ceremonies. Their performance creates an unforgettable atmosphere among the participants. Hunting signals are the setting for hunting, and hunting music emphasizes the nature of all celebrations in hunting life.
     The tradition of making signals is particularly important in the historic Pszczyna Land, where the basic instrument - Plesówka - was created in Pszczyna on the initiative of the Prince of Pszczyna, Jan Henryk XI Hohberg von Pless. The inspiration was the need to create an instrument smaller than the used Par Force horns, so Plesówka was created (the name comes from the German name of Pszczyna - Pless). Plessówka was created in 1870 in Hirschberg's craft workshop in Wrocław, according to the plans and intentions of the Duke of Pszczyna - Jan Henryk XI Hochberg von Pless. The musical qualities of the plessówka, which sounded good in the forests, and its technical advantages, such as low weight and ergonomic shape, ensured the idea of ​​playing it, a great flourishing to this day. Rosner, a musician and bookseller from Pszczyna, systematized, arranged and wrote down the signals commissioned by the prince, which were then published in 1898 as "Jagd-Signale und Fanfaren zusammengestellt und rhythmisch geordet von J. Rosner" in August Krummer's publishing house in Pszczyna. The instrument quickly gained popularity and is widely used in many countries of our continent. Many signals were composed adapted to the events of hunting life.
     During the competition review, whistleblowers compete with each other in the quality of performance, hence many competitions are organized. One of the most important is the Competition "For the Horn of the Prince of Pszczyna". It has been organized in Pszczyna for 26 years by the Commission of Culture, Tradition and Hunting Promotion at the Regional Board in Katowice of the Polish Hunting Association.
The competition will take place on September 2, 2023 in the European Bison Show Farm in the Historic Park of Pszczyna.
Competition starts at 9.00
The competition will be held in the following categories:
solo in classes A, B, C, D
team classes G, A, B, C, D
There will also be a hunting music competition in the MB and MSH categories.
On the occasion of the 150th anniversary of birth and the 80th anniversary of the death of Princess Daisy Hochberg von Pless and the "Year of Daisy" celebrated in Pszczyna and Wałbrzych, the organizers are announcing a competition for the best solo performance of the Fanfare in honor of Princess Daisy. The prize in this competition - a small Pless hunting horn - will be funded by the Mayor of Pszczyna
Photo: Michał Makowski
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